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Sequin Linens: How to Shine!

Welcome back to our Over The Top Linen Rental blog post; today, we’re tiptoeing along the glittery edge of event decor with a sparkle in our eyes—yes, we’re talking about Over The Top Linen Rental’s vast sequin selections. When used correctly, sequin linens add the perfect amount of dazzle to your event, but there’s a fine line between sophisticated sparkle and… well, blinding your guests as if they’ve walked directly into a disco ball, which by the way, they are a huge theme for 2024 and we have the perfect collection of Paillette and Glitterotti metallic discs sequin linen. Check them out! 

The Sequin Spectrum

Sequin linens are like the spice of event decor and there’s a variety to suit every taste. From subtle glimmers to full-on glitz, the key is knowing how to use them without making your venue look like a Vegas showroom (unless that’s the theme, then by all means, shine on!). Check out some of our amazing Sheer Sequins such as Gold & Siver Hope Diamond Sequins, Mayfair Sequins, and Gold & Silver Fusion Sequins

Tips for Tasteful Twinkle

  1. Balance is Key

Pair your sequin linens with matte or solid textures, like velvet napkins. This contrast ensures your sequins are the star without overwhelming the senses.

  1. Choose Your Color Wisely

Soft, lighter colors reflect less harshly. A champagne or blush sequin can add warmth and subtle sparkle, creating a romantic ambiance. Matte Sequins have a softer finish for a more subtle look. The perfect example for subtle sequin linen is our Blush Micro Matte Sequins. 

  1. Lighting Works Wonders

Use lighting at your  event to your advantage. Soft, indirect lighting and candle light can make sequin linens shimmer beautifully, enhancing their beauty.

  1. Consult the Experts

When in doubt, talk to your decor supplier. They can provide invaluable advice on how to tastefully integrate sequin linens into your theme.

In Conclusion

Sequin linens are a fantastic way to add elegance and excitement to your event decor. Like the perfect accessory to an outfit, they should enhance, not overpower. Remember, the goal is to leave your guests dazzled, not dazed. 

Hold on! Before we end this blog post, we want to share with you our Neon Orange Micro Gloss Sequins! Check it out and have fun mixing and matching! 

We hope you found these tips helpful and got a chuckle. 

Stay tuned for more tales and tips from the event planning world, where there’s never a dull moment, especially when sequins are attending your event!