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Fun and Unique Linen Ideas for a Tea Party

Whimsical Linen Ideas for Tea Parties With a Twist

Tea parties are the ultimate way to celebrate an occasion with sophisticated flair 

Key takeaways:

  • Tea has been a ritual of human cultures for centuries.
  • It’s used in medicine, for spiritual reasons, and of course, as a  refreshment.
  • Fashionable linens are an integral part of the tea party experience.
  • The type of linens you use directly affects the event’s  atmosphere.


Tea has been a part of rituals and events for centuries. It’s been used in everything from medicine to meditation and remains popular all over the world. In the 18th century, aristocratic English ladies would have morning tea in their bed chambers and invite their friends to join them. Later, in England, when men-owned coffee houses excluded women, ladies would gather to sip tea from tasteful cups and saucers poured from beautiful pots in their homes or gardens.  Tea was more costly than chocolate or coffee drinks. Tea time gave women the opportunity to gather and socialize.

By the 19th century, having afternoon tea was gaining mass popularity in England. Upper class and society women would change into elegant dress and meet in someone’s drawing room for tea. Today, in England, teatime is still a significant cultural experience. In America, established tea times aren’t part of our daily life, but the tea party ethos is used in celebrations and events.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder tea parties are seen as an elegant and sophisticated way to celebrate an occasion. Their versatility also makes them a fun choice! A tea party can have any theme that makes you smile and it should always use beautiful linens. Let’s take a look at why linens are so important for this type of event and discover a few easy ways to use them to make your tea party unique. 

Why is it important to use linens at a tea party?

Table linens at a tea party, no matter the theme, give the event an immediate glow-up. They make everything look classy, more vibrant, and well put together.  The right color combinations can enhance the venue, even if it’s your patio or living room, and make everything look brighter. They also make post-party clean-up much more manageable and help protect tables and other furniture. 

If you’re planning a tea party, why not mix it up and add a theme. Here are some ideas.

  • All white

A tea party with white linens and décor, and guests dressed all in white, is a great theme for bridal events, wedding showers, engagement parties, birth announcements, and others. Using linens like this sheer white chiffon table runner across your dining room table with white orchids and place settings or a buffet makes for a smashing look.

  • “Bridgerton” 

Sky blue, blush, and pale green are popular color schemes in the “Bridgerton” world. Think rich textures, decadent layers, and plenty of florals and prints. Channel your inner Lady Whistledown with linens like this Ashley green floral in varying shades of green. The textured Ivory Creation Lace makes for a beautiful table. 

You can layer florals, laces, over solid tones like this coral, for your tablecloths, napkins, and seat cushions. This creates an opulent layered  look that’s cost effective and impressive. Solid colored linens are usually the most cost-effective option. 

  • “The Great Gatsby”

Feathers, glittering gold, and sparkling crystals are the name of the game at Gatsby’s parties. Our Gatsby series of feathered linens hit the perfect note. The Bella Gold fringed fabric makes an interesting additional texture to the table.

Use plenty of feathers in your centerpieces with pearls and rhinestones to complete the look. Draping the buffet table in this Sequin Medallion sequin fabric or the Gold Opulence tablecloth is sure to be a stunning look. 

  • Mad Hatter 

Alice and her cohorts are all about deep, contrasting colors like pink, orange, purple, and red with plenty of strategically placed black accents. There’s a lot of variety in Wonderland, so use mismatched cups, saucers, flatware, and even furniture to bring in some whimsical charm. 

When it comes to your linens, these bold black and white stripes are reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts. The Royal Blue Harlequin print is another fun addition. 

  • Retro throwbacks

Organizing a retro tea party that throws your guests back to a past decade is loads of fun with minimal effort. Most people have a few relics from days gone by lying around somewhere. Our colorful Kaleidoscope print gives off strong ‘70s vibes, and the ‘60s are ever-present and far out with this tie-dye table cloth and runner option. Or what about a Macrame Runner?

Stick with simple fabrics and textures and use colors and patterns to make your theme stand out. Use tableware reminiscent of the era you’re celebrating. Goodwill and thrift stores often have complete sets of old cutlery and dishes for just a few dollars.

  • Tropical garden

Tropical-themed parties are a perfect addition to your summertime fun. They’re also a fun way to raise winter spirits when the cold weather has lingered too long. Lots of greens, florals, and tropical patterns like our Bermuda leaves and Cayman print are the perfect pick.

From flamingos to fish, they all make great additions to a tropical tea party. Fun, frilly straws, fruity plates, and plenty of Caribbean music ensure your tropical-themed tea party is a hit. 

Linens for tea parties are right up our alley

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